2 Ways To Avoid Distractions

DistractionI had a bit of scare this week. Well, maybe more of a “what was I thinking?” moment.

Our sons and a friend were using the jacuzzi one Saturday night. As is typical when the spa is used the water level recedes quite a bit. This happens when people get in and out of the jacuzzi a lot as well as evaporation. When I got up Sunday morning I noticed the water level was lower than normal. So, to help the auto-fill process along I put the hose in the spa for a few minutes before we left for church. The water level was so low it didn’t make much of a dent. So I turned off the water and away we went to church.

When we got home from lunch after church the low water level was still low and was bugging me! So I turned the hose back on. A while later we took off for my son’s ballgame.

Monday morning came and I got up early to go workout with my trainer. Everything was cool and I got home and was having a bowl of cereal when I had that “oh no!” moment. I looked at the pool and the level was at the top! It was close to spilling over out of the pool. I had forgotten to turn the water off when we left for the ballgame! I was going to hate getting the water bill for that month.

We let distractions get the better of us too often. I don’t remember specifically what distracted me…probably the Angels baseball game or thinking about final preparations for something at church but I don’t really remember. The bottom line is that everyday distractions get us off track when it comes to our relationship with God too. Much like the water level rising in my pool we let all of the junk of everyday life rise to an unmanageable level sometimes. The way to reduce that level is to turn off the water…in other words, give all of that junk to God.


So, here are a few easy things to do in order to avoid distractions in everyday life:


  1. Do your best to limit the number of things you have going on at once. If you have too much going on in your life something will be forgotten, someone will be forgotten or a project will not get completed to the best of your ability. This leads to mediocrity. Mediocrity sucks!


  1. Prioritize your “to do” list. When those times come when you have a lot on your plate prioritize your list. Many of us jot everything down but I find that it helps if I number the tasks in order of priority.


This may not be the only way or even the best way to avoid distractions but I find that it helps me. It may help you too. When we get distracted we forget the most important person…God.Tweet This I also find it helpful to call out to him for guidance when I am getting overwhelmed with distractions. The bible even tells us to give all of our cares to The Lord. 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”.

Now, if only that verse had come to mind on that Sunday afternoon when I almost flooded my backyard….

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