Are You A Good Neighbor?

Neighbors“Like a good neighbor…” I can hear the jingle of that popular insurance company TV commercial in my head.

We have had three new families move into our neighborhood over the past year or so. We have made it a point to introduce ourselves and welcome them to the neighborhood. They seem like nice people and by all accounts they seem like they will fit right in to our neighborhood dynamic.

I remember as a kid how people came over to welcome us when we moved in and brought us cookies or something. I can still remember most of those neighbors today. Even when I got married 20+ years ago we were close with our neighbors. On several occasions we would block off the street and have a block party. There were kids running around everywhere, the smell of BBQ wafted in the air and lawn chairs full of people were all over. Those were the days! Man, times have sure changed.

Our new neighbors today seem to want to be left alone. When we see them outside they rarely look up or make eye contact. When we pass in our cars on the street they don’t wave. I think, “How rude! Not very neighborly!”  Then I got to thinking, what does it mean to be a good neighbor?


Let me ask you these questions:


  • Does a good neighbor expect others to look up and say hi or does a good neighbor respect the fact that others may want to be left alone?


  • Does a good neighbor expect others to keep the noise down or is a good neighbor one who doesn’t constantly complain about everything?


I could go on and I certainly have my own opinion. The bottom line is we are all different and we all have our own expectations of other people. We generally expect others to be like we are. That doesn’t necessarily make us right and them wrong. I think it goes without saying that we need to be respectful of others and look out for our neighbors.


One thing we do in our neighborhood is call or simply text to let someone know if their garage door has been left open late at night. We keep an eye out. I guess you could call it our own version of a neighborhood watch program.


The true test of character is who we are modeling ourselves after.Tweet This Are we a reflection of Christ or are we a reflection of the world? Should we reciprocate in an unfriendly way when someone doesn’t wave back or do we rise above that and continue to be kind?

What kind of neighbor are you? Share your stories with us.

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