Are You In Training?

cross-trainingSome people like to hit golf balls, some people like to read and some people like to surf. Me, I like to work out. Cross training, specifically. Over the past couple of years it has become a discipline in my life and part of my daily routine. If I miss a day I feel out of kilter…like I’ve cheated…like I’ve called in sick when I’m not really sick. Do you know the feeling? I was thinking about this recently and it got me thinking about my life as a Christian. Kind of a weird comparison but I am amazed at how similar physically conditioning your body and being a Christian are.

When you are in physical training you put yourself through three particular stages:

1. Building a base
2. Strength
3. Power

When you are building a base you are establishing and maintaining a solid foundation for your training. Your goal is to regulate a mid-level aerobic point for increased stamina. Being a Christian is no different….you have to build a solid foundation. You need to be grounded in prayer and your nose needs to be buried in the bible. The bible is our “training manual”.Tweet This

The strength phase of training helps us build our endurance. The goal is to train the body to be able work harder for a longer period of time and recover more quickly. Being a Christian is no different…you have to be strong spiritually to get through everyday life. The challenges we face in the world can test our foundation and our beliefs. If we have a solid base and have built our endurance we can withstand these tests without wavering.

The power phase trains us to overcome our training weaknesses. It requires us to have bursts of speed and energy at any time they are needed. This phase helps build confidence, strength and determination. Being Christian is no different…when those tests of our faith come we are able to have that “burst” of perseverance that get us through.

Another similarity that puts things in perspective for me is the fatigue and soreness that sometimes come after an intense workout. That happens to us in our Christian walk too, from time to time. We may get beat up a little and have struggles. A lot of times we experience pain after we have withstood the battle. If we have trained properly we can recover quickly.

I can hear my two trainers now as I’m writing this, “Maintain your heart rate!…Don’t quit!…Get back in!…Fight through the pain!” In life, I hold God as my trainer. He is there, by my side, saying the exact same things.

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