It Should Come As No Surprise

surpriseI’m not a doomsday kind of guy and I’m not a “the sky is falling” type of person. I am a Christian man that believes the bible. I emphatically believe the bible is true, offers encouragement and teaching and gives us insight into things that have happened and events that will occur in the future.


The bible tells us in the book of Matthew the signs of the end of the age. In other words, things that will happen to signify the end is near. Scripture gives prophecy of things to come. I had a chance to touch on this when I spoke at Oasis Church a few weeks ago and it is worth sharing here with you.


The word “prophecy” conjures up different emotions in people. Some people think Christians are off their rocker when they talk about prophecy. Some folks can get awfully weird about it but if you are someone who says they believe in God and that the bible is true you have to pay attention to what the bible says about end times.


Ezekiel 38 talks about certain nations that will be involved in end times. Israel is the main focus of all of this. We are told in scripture that the nation of Israel will come under attack by several nations and this invasion will come from the north. Gog, the leader of Magog will lead this attack and the nations of Persia, Put (Puth) and Cush will be a part of this, as will other nations.


“The pieces are coming together and the players are in place.”


Why is this significant today? Because there are events taking place right now in the Middle East that relate to this. It’s been all over the news that past several months. Russia has established a presence in Syria and has built a military base in the southern part of Syria. Syria borders Israel to the north. Russian troops as well as Iranian troops are now present there.


Well, how does this relate? Magog is modern day Russia and Persia is modern day Iran. Russia and Iran have never had an alliance in history until today and we all know how Iran feels about Israel. Who is the leader of Russia? None other than Vladimir Putin. Could he be Gog, the leader of Magog the bible warns us about? Maybe. This is real stuff, folks! It will be interesting to see how Put (modern day Libya) and Cush (modern day Egypt) will fit into this scenario in the coming months or years. Keep an eye on the news…


There is one other thing you should know about. The bible tells us that this invasion is prompted because Israel has something the world wants and needs. What could that be? We are talking about a desert land with nothing of significant value other than historical and religious sights. Listen up! It was recently discovered that there is a vast oil reserve in the northern part of Israel. This oil reserve is one of the largest ever and could sustain Israel for centuries. That is definitely something the world would want and need.


So there you have it. The pieces are coming together and the players are in place. Russia now has a base along the northern border of Israel where this huge oil reserve is. Could this be the beginning? Study up and be prepared. Stay vigilant and be on your guard! It should come as no surprise that this is happening. The bible told us thousands of years ago it would be so.

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