My #1 Struggle In Life

impatient_driverI have shared many times what my passions are. But I don’t think I have ever shared what I struggle with. At least not in depth.


I am no different than any of you. I am human and I have my issues. The list of my shortcomings is as long as my arm and in ten-point font. I want to do something that most men are afraid to do: confess to you what we are most afraid of. I am not breaking any guy code here. By getting this out in the open I hope it brings a sense of relief for the men reading this. I also hope it creates a better understanding for women of what we, the almighty man, struggles with.Are you ready? Here it is.


We men have the hardest time admitting we have issues. The admission is not necessarily the most difficult part. Confessing openly what our faults are is the most difficult part. I could end this right here because that would be the easy thing to do, but I won’t. I want to go a little further and admit to you what my #1 struggle is. Impatience.


“The list of my shortcomings is as long as my arm and in ten-point font.”


My wife and kids would gladly back me up on this one. Impatience doesn’t cause me to lash out in anger or anything like that. I don’t yell and scream or throw a fit. I do get testy, very curt and very direct. And I come off as insensitive and dismissing. I know this. I can’t tell you when this started. All I know is that I struggle with it mightily.


And the #1 place I struggle with impatience? Yep, you guessed it, driving! It would probably be classified as borderline road rage. Somehow in my mind I have defined driving as being able to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Is it just me or does that sound like you too? You want to know what is crazy about this? I am always early everywhere I go. I’m not one of those people that is always running late. On time for me is late. It is hard, even for me, to understand why I have so much impatience on the road because of this.


There are so many things that deter us from getting to our destination in what we consider a timely manner. Let’s list some, shall we?

  • Traffic signals that turn red for no reason (there is a reason they are called stop lights and not go lights)
  • Drivers that drive below the speed limit
  • Road construction
  • People on their cellphones while driving


Can you name some more?


Impatience is a character flaw. Impatience causes us to do and say things that are not very nice. Driving isn’t the only thing that causes people to be impatient. Many people become impatient when they don’t know the answer to something. When they are questioned over and over again they grow impatient and become angry because fear kicks in. That fear is that they will appear unreliable or look foolish.

I used to pray for patience. And you know what happened? I would continually be put in situations where patience was necessary and I would fail most of the time. It was discouraging. So I stopped praying for patience. I took the easy way out. Then I saw the movie Evan Almighty.


There was a scene in the movie where Morgan Freeman’s character was having a conversation with Evan’s wife about patience. He asked this profound question that rocked my world:


“If someone prays for patience do you think God gives them patience or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?”Tweet This


Bam! There it is! I had been thinking about this all wrong. I wanted to be free from my impatience without having to do any of the work. My thinking was that I would wake up one morning and not struggle with impatience. That doesn’t build character. Yes, I would be patient but I would not have learned patience. Do you get it?


This is the part where we have a two-way conversation. What is the main character issue you struggle with? How does it impact your life? Please comment below.



May your traffic signals always be green…

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