People Suck Sometimes!

grace and mercySounds a bit crass, doesn’t it? But we all know it’s true. Just when you think there’s hope for the world someone does or says something that makes you remember how flawed we all are. I’m just as guilty as the next guy.


I will spare you from all of the drama but I remember sitting at the table the other day working when I got a text that just stopped me in my tracks. I remember throwing myself back in my chair, looking up at the ceiling and thinking to myself, “Are you serious? People suck sometimes!” What was the message that made me react that way? Let’s just say it became very clear to me that someone was going out of their way to make life difficult for another person. An agreement had been made between two people and at the last minute one of them changed their mind. Ordinarily this may not be a big deal but this decision sent shock-waves through an arduous road that had been plowed. Some people don’t stop to think of the chain reaction that occurs from one selfish decision. Especially when the decision is hidden inside of a concealed explanation. The reason sounded legit but was an obvious farce meant to emotionally affect the other person. So, yes, people suck sometimes.


This type of behavior perpetuates itself. It causes the other person to cast judgment and probably say things that are not uplifting. Then the first person fires another shot across the bow. And on and on it goes. Tweet ThisWhen you point fingers at others you still have three fingers pointing back at yourself. It is best just to take responsibility…remove the plank in your own eye before you try to remove the speck on someone else’s eye. That kind of thing.


This is where grace and mercy come in. If you and I were judged for every single thing we did where would we be right now? Where would we end up for eternity? It is extremely hard but very important to remember that whatever the measuring stick is we use to judge other people, that same measuring stick will be used to judge us. Can you imagine the punishment we would have to endure for all of the rotten things we have said, all of the terrible things we have done and all of the lies we have told? I am thankful the slate can be wiped clean. I, too, am a person that sucks sometimes. But thank God for grace and mercy!


Tweet ThisGrace is getting what we don’t deserve. Mercy is not getting what we do deserve. Can I get an “Amen!”?


I meet with a lot of people and walk through life with them. I have sat and talked with countless people and couples about issues they face and the problems caused by those issues. You know what it all boils down to? Sin. Plain and simple. The issues are typically a result of bad choices, selfishness and pride.

Are you dealing with any relational issues today? Be honest with yourself. What is the cause of these issues? Is it a result of a bad choice you have made? Is the problem stemming from the fact that you have this burning desire to be right? Share with us here and then…LET IT GO!

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